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Chateau Vessiere Aurore Orange Wine Bio 2021

Chateau Vessiere Aurore Orange Wine Bio 2021

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Château Vessière Aurore Organic 2021 is an orange wine (100%  Grenache Blanc) produced by Château Vessière, a family-owned winery located in the Costières de Nîmes, in the extreme south of the Rhône Valley, France. This wine is biodynamic (certified Demeter), organic and without added sulphites.

The orange color of this wine comes from the fact that the grapes are left to macerate with their skins for an extended period of time, which allows the wine to extract additional flavors and tannins. This process is similar to making red wine, but with white grapes.

On the nose, Aurore has intense aromas of ripe peach, apricot, and orange blossom, with a hint of spice. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied and complex, with flavors of stone fruit, citrus, and a subtle nuttiness. The tannins are firm but well-integrated, giving the wine a pleasing texture and structure.

This orange wine is best enjoyed slightly chilled and pairs well with a variety of foods, including roasted poultry, grilled fish, and spicy Asian cuisine. Overall, Château Vessière Aurore Organic 2021 is a unique and delicious wine that showcases the natural beauty and complexity of organically grown grapes.

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