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Testament Babić 2020

Testament Babić 2020

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Babic Testament 2020, a premium organic dry red wine exuding a luscious ruby hue and a delightful fruity aroma. This wine is renowned for its balanced acidity and well-matured tannins, offering a full-bodied and opulent mouthfeel that remains soft and delightful. The subtle touch of oak aging introduces an additional layer of complexity and a delightful spiciness, truly showcasing the epitome of the exceptional Babić grape.

Babić grapes, an indigenous variety unique to northern Dalmatia, especially around Šibenik and Primošten, are meticulously cultivated over just 343 hectares. Recognized for their low-yield yet high-quality characteristics, these grapes consistently yield superb wines, making them a true gem of the region.

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