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Torello Corpinnat Costa Brava Brut Reserva

Torello Corpinnat Costa Brava Brut Reserva

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Discover Torello Corpinnat Costa Brava Brut Reserva: A Taste of Excellence from Costa Brava

Unveil the exquisite Torello Corpinnat Costa Brava Brut Reserva, a sparkling wine that encapsulates the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the Costa Brava region. This remarkable creation by Torello winery exemplifies their dedication to producing exceptional quality wines that reflect the essence of their terroir.

Corpinnat: A Commitment to Excellence

At the heart of the Torello Corpinnat Costa Brava Brut Reserva lies the prestigious Corpinnat designation. Corpinnat represents a collective commitment among a group of wineries in Catalonia, Spain, to uphold the highest standards of winemaking, authenticity, and origin. This movement emphasizes a return to traditional, sustainable practices that prioritize the unique character of the land and grapes.

Tasting Notes

This Cava presents itself with a captivating pale golden hue, accompanied by delicate and persistent effervescence. The bouquet tantalizes the senses with an enchanting fusion of fresh green apples, lively citrus zest, and subtle toasted almond undertones, accompanied by inviting hints of brioche.

On the palate, Torello Corpinnat Costa Brava Brut Reserva unveils a harmonious medley of flavors. Crisp orchard fruits intertwine seamlessly with nuanced bakery-inspired notes, creating a truly captivating taste profile.

Aged to Perfection

What sets this sparkling wine apart is its meticulous aging process. Maturing over an extended period, it strikes a harmonious balance between vivacious freshness and profound complexity. The fine bubbles elegantly carry the myriad of flavors, culminating in a clean, invigorating finish that lingers on the palate.


Order now and savor the craftsmanship and dedication that define Torello Corpinnat Costa Brava Brut Reserva – a true embodiment of the Corpinnat spirit from the heart of Costa Brava.

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